Warden's Welcome

Warden's Welcome

St George's is a place of imagination, industry and reflection.

St George's is a vibrant place to be where we seek to provide opportunities, to optimise talents and abilities, and to explore and to appreciate diversity of thought, experience and action.  We also set ourselves high standards.  We hope that this spirit and our aspirations infuse and inspire our residents, guests, and visitors.

A recent Formal Dinner guest speaker described teamwork as a moral issue; also that exemplary team performance derived from a communal approach characterised by candour and vigilant attention to detail.  These words resonated within our College.

We welcome you to a beautiful college where we endeavour to encourage our residents to the greatest extent possible in their academic, cultural, social and charitable pursuits.  We believe that this is best achieved in an atmosphere of positivity, mutual support and optimism where strong and overt values are shared in a family, rather than an institutional, environment.

This has been the case in the past and I think explains the extraordinary and wide-ranging contributions of Georgians to society.  Today we celebrate the performances of, for example, our Argyle Scholars, our dancers, our musicians, our True Blue Dreaming volunteers, and our College bagpiper. We take pride in their achievements.  We also take pride in the manner in which our residents address challenge and setback, when they metaphorically skin their knees, and in the way in which they are helped through times of difficulty by their fellow residents.

This is a fine College in which to study and learn.  It is also a place to be enjoyed.  I welcome you, whether as a student, friend or guest, to St George's where we endeavour to conserve the best of the past, to promote the best of the present, and to seek the best for the future.


Ian Hardy

Warden of St George's College

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