The Environment

The Environment

The College Environmental Initiatives

College is committed to the environment.



In mid-2013, following research and recommendations undertaken on the initiative of the Student Environmental Committee, the College installed a 68kW solar power facility, the largest at the UWA Crawley campus and probably the largest such installation at a college or school in Western Australia.  This major commitment to the environment was a student initiative whose environmental values can clearly be seen to be shared by the College Board and administration.  Watch this video for more information.


The College naturally collects a substantial amount of rainwater in its grounds.  The gardens are not just of aesthetic value, they also play a vital water collection role.  The College is committed to retaining the scope of its gardens, the Quadrangle and other green areas to limit water run off.  Water that falls within the College grounds and also runs off King's Park collects naturally in the aquifer that lies beneath the College.  The College has a bore and pumps water up to tanks at the top of its grounds for subsequent watering, enabling the process of recycling to be maintained.  The quality of the bore water testifies to the health of the water management system.  The nature of the College's historic buildings precludes effective recycling of waste water. The College Club actively promotes good environmental behavior to ameliorate this.


The College Club has introduced a variety of initiatives to ensure recycling.  The most recent is the newly arrived red bins that exhort residents to 'Keep Calm and Recycle'.

Student Car Share

As part of our environmental initiatives we have commissioned a car share system at the College.  Through the assistance of Student Car Share Services, our students will be part of the change to the car usage at College.  A great way to help the environment and their hip pocket!

College Code of Environmental Best Practice

The Student Environmental Commitee places refreshing reminders in College rooms prompting residents to reduce power and water use and to look to help wherever they can to save waste.


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