Our chapel is used for prayer, quiet time, events and more.


St George's is an Anglican college and its beautiful chapel stands at the heart of the College as a permanent reminder that 'To know God is to live'.  We believe that Christianity offers an exciting and expansive account of what it means to be human, that humans are restless until they find their rest in God, and that worship joyfully sustains active participation in God's mission to renew the face of the earth in acts that overcome injustice and bring peace and joy to all creation.  We seek to offer an intellectually compelling Christian story that is open to questioning and the insights of the human and physical sciences.

The chapel is open 8am - 10pm every day of the year, and you are very welcome to use it for prayer and reflection at any time.


Worship of God gives life to all we do.  Whenever you hear the chapel bell people are at prayer together and everyone is very welcome to come along.  Anyone is welcome to attend. Other special services and chapel dinners are held throughout the year.  We are very keen to hear from musicians who would like to offer support to worship and if anyone would like to start up other worship services, please get in touch.

Our hope is that the chapel will be used for a variety of lively and creative events throughout the year.  We hope that College residents will regard the Chapel as a gift both during and after your time as a resident.

Christian Living

Please feel free to contact the chaplain at any time for pastoral support and advice.  If you are interested in exploring the Christian faith, we offer discussion and Christian formation classes leading to baptism or confirmation throughout the year.  We also seek to be inclusive of and learn from other faiths, so if you have any ideas or suggestions please get in touch.  We also hold a series of discussions entitled 'Reading Sacred Texts' and there are also theological conversations each semester.

Worship sustains Christan living and service.  St George's supports a variety of volunteering opportunities in collaboration with other organisations.  College students have mentored students and special Olympians, run classes for disadvantaged students, and got involved in a range of causes.  The chapel community regularly donates to a variety of charities.  If you would like to be involved - running a program or just participating - please get in touch.

Michael Wood, Locum Chaplain

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