Scholarships are vitally important

  • To reward excellence
  • To spur residents to even greater achievement
  • To assist students to attend the College who might otherwise be unable to do so.

The College offers a range of merit-based and means-based scholarships.  A substantial proportion of the awards is provided by individuals and organisations that are associated with the College.  Some are based on academic achievement; others include provisions relating to financial need.  A full list of these scholarships can be viewed below.

In addition the College awards scholarships and exhibitions to incoming and continuing students on the basis of their Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) or UWA Weighted Average Marks (WAM).  Scholarships of $750 and $1,000, respectively, will be awarded to incoming students with an ATAR of 98 and 99, and to continuing students with a WAM above 85.  Exhibitions of $500 and $750, respectively, will be awarded to incoming students with an ATAR of 97, and to continuing students with a WAM of above 80.

The College is endeavouring to increase the available number of scholarships, particularly means-based awards.  

UWA Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) Scholarship and the Fogarty Scholarship

If you are accepted into the UWA Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) Course you will be highly considered for one of the following St George's College Scholarships which represent up to 50% of residential fees:

  • The Winthrop Scholarship
  • Reynolds Scholarship
  • The Eric Glasgow Scholarship
  • Peter Goodeve Memorial Scholarship

In addition, Fogarty Foundation Scholarship winners will be eligible for College Scholarships when the Fogarty Foundation Scholarship does not cover full fees. 

All incoming residents with an ATAR of over 97 and all continuing residents with a WAM of over 80 automatically receive an Argyle Award.

Recent Fogarty Foundation Scholarship Winners at St George's College.


  • Edoardo Anderle
  • Cassandra Howell


  • Michael Hooper


  • Alec Disley
  • Breanna Dixon
  • Justin Kruger


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