International Exchange ( Study Abroad) Students

International Exchange ( Study Abroad) Students

International Student Experiences


Announcing :

***International Exchange Student Bursary***

Available for Semester 2, 2017 


Students enrolled in University of Western Australia's Articulation Program are eligible to apply!

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St George's College welcomes many students from overseas to live and study for short study abroad periods.  The College benefits from the diversity and cultural experiences provided by the inclusion of international students into our college life. 

"Why did you choose Perth, UWA and in particular St George's College for your exchange?"

I chose St George's because upon researching others, I did find it the most aesthetically appealing and because I had recommendations from past students.  I chose Perth in general because I knew I wanted to come to Australia and preferred less of a 'big city'.  I also wanted to have the most 'authentic Australian' experience possible and thought that fewer Americans would come here compared to Sydney and Melbourne for exchange.  Additionally, I found that - most likely - nothing else would ever take me to Perth, so why not use the opportunity to go somewhere unexpected!

"What has your experience at St George's been like?"

The College offers so many programs that I feel very fortunate to have at my fingertips.  I expected UWA to make my experience, but actually College has become how I define my exchange and is the reason I decided to extend another semester.  It has such a spirit about it that I love being a part of. You only get to live within this kind of community when you're young, so I want to take full advantage.

Robin Sikes studying Social Work


"Why did you choose St George's College and Perth, in general, for your exchange?"

When I decided that I wanted to go on exchange I knew that I wanted to go to an English speaking country, but somewhere different from where "everyone else" was going.  I had received positive feedback from friends who had studied at the UWA and as I didn't know anyone in Perth, I thought living in College would be a good idea.  I chose St George's because it seemed like the best option from the reports I had been reading from other exchange students.  I have been very happy with my choice.

"What has your experience been like?

I think it's been a great semester.  I have experienced a lot of stuff I never could have done in Norway, met a lot of great people and had a lot of fun. 

Sjur Nafstad studying Power Engineering.




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