Supporting the College

Supporting the College

Support the College that supports your community.

St George’s College Foundation Inc. was formed in 1988 to attract financial support from the College’s alumni and friends for the long-term support and benefit of the College.

It is independent of the College and is governed by a Board elected annually by its members. Under its Constitution, membership is offered to persons who have made gifts or given notification of an intended bequest at certain levels thereby qualifying as Member, Fellow, Trustee or Governor of the Foundation.  

The Foundation maintains the following special-purpose trust funds:

Endowment Fund

A fund established by the Foundation with money given to it by its members for the long-term endowment of the College. Capital is preserved and income may be made available to the College for its purposes at the discretion of the Foundation Board.

Scholarship Fund

An investment pool comprising a number of separate charitable trust funds provided by benefactors for the endowment of the College and supporting certain scholarships and bursaries. Income only is available to fund grants in accord with the terms of relevant trust deeds and otherwise as determined by the Foundation Board.

Major New Works Fund

A fund accounting for money given to or held by the Foundation, including money transferred from the College, to assist the College implement its Building Master Plan and fund non-budgeted new works and facilities. The capital and income of this fund may be drawn by the College for Major New Works.

Rogerson Fund

Constituted by a Deed of Trust this is a special-purpose trust fund established from a bequest made to the College under the will of the late Jean Ethel Rogerson. One third of income is capitalised and the balance must be paid to the College for its purposes and the enrichment of the lives of its students.

Hackett Fund

Constituted by a Deed of Trust this is a special-purpose trust fund being initially the remaining balance of testamentary gifts made under the will of the late Sir John Winthrop Hackett, a founder of the College, now supplemented from time to time by transfers from College operating surplus and donations. The capital and income of this fund may be drawn by the College for the restorative maintenance of College buildings including building services.

The Foundation conducts an Annual Giving Program and a Bequest Program, each designed to attract gifts or bequests to one or other of its special purpose trust funds in support of the College.

Donate Now to Annual Giving

(Steps to take once you have clicked on Donate Now to Annual Giving. Donations are through the ACF website select "Other Anglican Organisations" in the Donation Type. Type in "St George's College Foundation" .  Follow the prompts.  Please note that a 1% bank fee will apply if using credit cards.)

Gifts are fully tax deductible to the donor.

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