Our alumni promote the welfare of the College and encourage contact between current and past residents

The Georgian Alumni Network, formed in 1938, is the alumni organistation for former residents of the College.  The Georgians is represented on the St George's College Board and Foundation Board.

The aims of The Georgians are to:

  • promote unity and good fellowship amongst Georgians;
  • promote the general welfare of St George’s College;
  • hold annual reunions and other social functions;
  • provide a ‘people’ resource to benefit students by hosting functions such as professional mentoring, cocktail parties, dinners and business lunches;
  • arrange sporting contests with St George’s College and other clubs or bodies;
  • sustain and strengthen the connection between St George’s College and the Georgian Alumni Network; and
  • provide assistance in the form of scholarships, prizes and bursaries for students enrolled at St George’s College.

Make Contact

If you would like to update your contact details or be added to our regular Georgian Calendar Update email list, please email Jo Evans, Community Affairs and Alumni:

Licenced venue at the College

The College is developing a proposal to transform the Rogerson Cafe into a licenced venue.  Our vision is to have an attractive location on the College grounds where residents, staff and Georgians can gather for a social drink, conversation and casual events.  We anticipate serving a mix of interesting beers and wines to ensure that the social opportunities afforded by the facility are focused on the overall quality of the experience and responsible drinking practices. The Club Restricted Licence will enable all members of the Association (ie Georgians and current residents) and their guests to use the proposed Rogerson Cafe/Bar both for specific events and more casually on a regular basis

We hope to update you with how our Liquor Licence application is progressing soon.

Notable Alumni

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